Yang Yang

yangyang2016 [AT] u.northwestern. edu geraint0923 [AT] gmail.com

I am a master student in Northwestern University, majoring in Computer Science. I graduated from Tsinghua University in July 2013, majoring in Computer Science and Technology.

Before that I was an software engineer intern at Intel Corporation supervised by Dr. Fengguang Wu (a core developer of Linux kernel, the maintainer of writeback and HDMI audio in Linux kernel) in SSG(Software Service Group). Before the internship at Intel Corporation, I was a research intern at Microsoft Research Asia supervised by Dr. Mike Chieh-Jan Liang in MASS(Mobile and Sensing System) group.

When studying in Tsinghua University, I was a teaching assistant of undergraduate operating system course. In my sophomore year, I did wireless research in wireless research group under the guidance of Prof. Yong Cui. After that, I became a member of software system group, and did system related research under the guidance of Prof. Yuanchun Shi and Prof. Yu Chen.

wireless network, mobile system, Internet protocol, networked system, ubiquitous computing, operating system basketball, badminton, fingerstyle guitar, magic cube